What is Active Travel?

Non-Motorised travel is close to what most people mean.
It's essentially reduced use of private cars particularly in towns.
Then lots of "what abouts" are raised:
- buses?, taxis?, blue badge holders?, e-bike?, mobility scooters?, ...

Active Travel covered walking and cycling - with wheeling added later.
But is it still active travel if part of the journey is made by bus? or train?
... or even by private car? This way of thinking misses the point.

Two things are important:
Sustainable Travel - the mode of travel must have minimal negative impact;
Inclusive Routes - the travel route must be usable by people of all abilities.

All active travellers should be able to agree with these two objectives.
Individual groups will have their own emphasis.
But none of their aims should be contrary to any other active travel group.

Where there appears to be conflict, this should be discussed to produce concensus.
The groups can then support each other for a common purpose and not appear divided.