The Active Travel Root page displays some linked rectangles.
Nodes are yellow. The Hub is white.
Click on [?] to display this Help page.

Click any yellow Node to move it to become the Hub at the centre.
The Nodes for the new Hub are shown in yellow around the edge.
The old Hub moves to the edge and is shown as a blue Node.
Reverse through the selection path by clicking the blue Nodes.

Click on the Hub to display its Details page.
The Hub on the Root page displays an indexed list of all the Nodes.
Click any Node to become the Hub. Click again to display its Details page.
Click on [Page Back] to return from the Details to the page it came from.

Click on [<] or [>] to display the Details pages in index number order.
Note - The index numbers are in no particular order.

Click on [^] to return and display the Root page.
Clicking the [^] on the Root page displays the Main Menu page.