Local Issues - King Duncan's Road

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A cycle route is being planned from Inverness City centre (West of map)
to the Golden Bridge (pedestrian and cycle) over the A9 (right of map).

Google Maps: King Duncan's Road Inverness

The first photo shows the section in the vicinity of Millburn Roundabout.
The second is a detailed view from the bend looking towards the shortcut path.

The part from the centre to the roundabout is to be a shared use path (mainly 3m).
A short section of shared use becomes on-road cycle lanes where the route doubles back.
No special arrangement is currently planned for the crossing at the transition.
There's a pedestrian path on one side of King Duncan's Road and a bank on the other.
The area at the top of the hill is residential with this road as its only access.
Thus it is fairly quiet apart from peak times.
The road width (excluding pathway) is about 4m (4.1m at bottom narrowing to 3.8m).
The cycle lanes are each a full 1.5m regardless of available width.
For motor vehicles to pass each other they will need to enter the cycle lane(s).

The shortcut, shown in yellow, could be a more direct and natural cycle route.
It already exists and, although inclined, is in regular use.
It could be re-aligned and possibly double back to join the road uphill of the barrier.
The problem remains - how and where to put a crossing to the uphill lane.
My idea was to bring the uphill cycle lane over and merge it with the downhill lane.
I'm not entirely serious about this - It was just a way of generating ideas.

The key problem that needs to be addressed is:
How to transfer from shared use on one side of the road to cycle lanes on both sides.

This (old) photo is from Google Maps.
It shows the shortcut path to the left
and steps to the right.

There are issues concerning the roundabout crossing.
It has changed since this photo and further change is planned.
But that will be discussed separately.