p5js Introduction


This is one of a collection of web development courses.
It follows on from a basic starter covering HTML and CSS.
The focus here is on computer graphics using javascript.
Any Raspberry Pi, laptop or tablet is suitable.
The only software needed is already on most computers:
- a text editor (Notepad) and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox).
This makes a solid foundation for computer animation.

Here is a shell folder structure for students to do their own work.
1. Click on this link to download and save a zipped file.
2. Look for student_p5js_intro.zip in your Download folder.
3. Move the file to anywhere you want to create your sketches.
    This can be put anywhere you like. Documents is a good choice.
4. Right-click on the file student_p5js_intro.zip
5. Click on Extract All...
6. In the window that opens, click the Extract button.
7. After a few moments a window will open with your new folder structure.
8. The student_p5js_intro.zip file in longer needed and can be deleted.
9. Open the newly created folder student_p5js_intro.
10. Double click on index.html to open it in your web browser.
11. Follow the instructions on its first page.