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The Image of Arduino Logo as link to Arduino page Arduino is a microcontroller that runs the its own language.
It can be used to control external physical devices.
It can receive input from external sensors including from a computer.

The Image of Digispark Logo as link to Digispark page Digispark is a minimal development board.
It is compatible with and similar to Arduino.

The IOIO Logo Icon as link to IOIO page IOIO is a microcontroller for the Android operating system.
In many ways it is similar to the Arduino.

The Raspberry Pi Logo Icon as link to Raspberry Pi page Raspberry Pi is a small computer on a circuit board.
It uses the Linux operating system.

The Icon as link to Cubieboard page Cubieboard is a small computer on a circuit board.
It uses the ... operating system.

Image of Fritzing Logo as link to Fritzing page Fritzing is a graphic editor for designing and documenting circuits.

    Image of Wiring Logo as link to Wiring page Wiring

Specialist terms, words, abbreviations, ...

          Electronic Design Automation
Software to support design and documentation of circuits.

[] Palm-sized Quadcopter, the flying development kit