Not at Building Line

Highland Council - [Requirements + Shopfront Design Guide]
In urban areas all boards/advertising etc must be placed at the rear of the footway.
Signs must be sited immediately outside the business being advertised.

Guide dogs and visually impaired cane users depend on a clear kerb to follow.

In High Street, some advertising signs are placed in the bollard line.
In addition, these A-boards are often set to straddle a bollard.
In effect, they are fixed to street furniture.
This may be intended as a safer position but it breaks two of the equirements.
• Cex - Sign over metal bollard
• Isle of Skye Candle Company - Sign over metal bollard
• Mountain Warehouse - Sign over metal bollard
• W H Smith - Signs in or near bollard line
• - Sign over metal bollard
• Kung Fu Classes - Sign over metal bollard
• Tourist Information - Sign near bollard line, litter bin, and pole
• Savers - Opposite side of street, tall flag sign on weighted base
• Kool Runnings - Sign over stone bollard
• Black Isle Bar - Sign over stone bollard
• Mieles Ice Cream - Sign beside stone bollard and near litter bin
• Leakey's Bookshop - Sign in middle of footwaay