RATL - Raigmore Active Travel Link

Raigmore Interchange is on the eastern edge of Inverness.
It is the start of the A96 Trunk Road east to Aberdeen
  and on the A9 Trunk Road south to Falkirk and north to Scrabster.
The Golden Bridge is a walking and cycling bridge across the A9
  connecting Raigmore (hospital and housing) Estate to Inverness Campus.
There is an existing zig-zag stepped slope rising from Raigmore Interchange
  to Raigmore Estate. It is a popular route but is in poor condition.
This Active Travel Link will create a new route suitable for walking,
  wheeling, and cycling between Raigmore Interchange and the Golden Bridge.

Raigmore Active Travel Link - [raigmoreactivetravellink.co.uk]

Pat Munro to begin work on Raigmore Active Travel Link - [patmunro.co.uk]