Overview of Membership

Inverness Group
• You can be part of our Local Group without becoming a Member.
• Send an email to: invernessgroup@livingstreets.org.uk
• You'll be kept informed and be able to get involved in local activities.
• Ideally, you also join as a Member of Living Streets - Please read on.

Benefits of Membership
• Being part of a community that is making a difference.
• Being (optionally) kept informed about activities in Scotland and UK.
• Contribute to the running of Living Streets.

• There is no fee for membership (either initially or recurring).
   (You do have to promise to pay the sum of £1 towards the costs
    in the event of Living Streets being wound up.)
• Living Streets is pleased to accept
   Donations, Legacies, and Payments by other methods.

Articles of Association
• Members must accept the Articles of Association
   (15 pages for people who like detail)

The Online Application Form
• The Application Form enables you to:
   Complete fields with your Name, Email, [Phone,] Postal Address.
   Accept the terms of the Articles of Association of Living Streets.
   Select to opt In/Out of 3 information sources.
• Please be sure to submit your application by clicking the final box
• You should then receive an email with your Membership Number.